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Taking on home remodel projects in Cottleville is a fun and creative way to express your DIY self and bring in your personal style. If you are working on a small bathroom, kitchen redesign, or basement refinishing give it a nice open feel and create an appearance of a larger space by using specific items and a some special techniques. Use light colors, the right mirror, and the perfect size of bathroom vanity and your small bathroom will look better than ever.

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Do you like to save time? Do you like to have your phone ringing with customers calling? Of course, who doesn't want these things?Just as you have to spend money in order to make money. You need to spend time to learn to save time. Spend a little time to learn how to use Excel and you will save time and have more customers. Excel can be an unpaid personal assistant.Some of the things that I use the Excel Spreadsheet for are to calculate square footages, lineal footages and total them instantly without errors. Even if the list is 25 items long, it will calculate the totals, without error in seconds. I use it for calculating square footages from the length and width of the room. I can take a list of rooms and add their dimensions, hit enter and the calculations are done for ceiling square footage, wall square footages, moldings, including baseboards, crown and chair railing. I can even make an additional factor for high time difficulty, or any other factor that can influence the job.The second big use of the Excel Spreadsheet is my direct mail campaign. I use the spreadsheet along with MsWord to create a mail merge, the two programs work together to print addresses directly on flyers, post cards or envelopes. I can print 10,000 names in a few hours. There is no need to print labels and then have to stick them on your mailer.Another use for the spreadsheet is to do job costing. You can keep track of your painter's hours and compare those hours to the hours you used to calculate the estimate for the job. Enter the painter's names in the first column, you can then enter to rooms or job names in the first row. Then in each column under the room name put the hours or you can break it down further, putting the separate items like walls and molding/trim and keep track of the hours spent doing individual items.Of course there is always the profit and loss statement or spreadsheet with all expenses, which you give to the accountant. Using the spreadsheet to keep track of company expenses is a good use, and again you can use the "AutoSum" feature to keep totals. One nice thing about Excel is that if you change a figure in the column or row that you are totaling, the "AutoSum" will automatically adjust the total to reflect the new figure.So whatever uses you find for this program, you will find that it saves time and energy to do these repetitious jobs. And it will do things like adding or multiplying correctly and with ease. Designer Kitchen

Home Remodeling Can Increase the Value and Comfort of Your Home

A whole house remodel can be both a very exciting - and daunting task for a homeowner. With so much riding on proper planning and making the right decisions, it can be extremely difficult to even figure out where to start. This is why it's a good idea to start with the big picture, and then whittle things down to the small details later on. This is guide is meant to assist you when going into the planning stage of your whole house remodel.

Define Exactly What You're After

A whole house remodel is a serious investment of both time and money. This is why it's important to only undertake a home remodel once you're sure of exactly what you want from your home design. Take the time to do the following before you get started:

List your goals. Besides aesthetics, how do you want your home to function or feel? What is your home not doing for you, and how will you remedy that? Do parts of your home feel too cramped or could be more ideal for entertaining guests? Summarize your objectives for each area of your home that you plan to include in your home remodel into a sentence or two.

Take an inventory. Go through your home in its entirety, and note all the general aspects of the different areas of your home that you do and don't like. From here, you may be able to start prioritizing the various changes you'd like to make to your home design. This needn't be all-encompassing, but it will be extremely helpful when it comes time to tell a professional designer exactly what you want from your home.

Catalogue Your Ideas. Keep a three-ring binder of all the ideas you have for your home. This can include notes as ideas come to you, or pages from home remodel magazines with colors or architecture that you would like to incorporate into your home's design.

Choose Your Designer Carefully

Look for Experience. Once you feel confident that you know what you want from your home remodel, you can start looking for a designer. Your level of satisfaction, once the job is finished, will depend a great deal on the designer you choose. It's a good idea to find a designer that has done a whole house remodel on a project similar to yours. If the designer has experienced setbacks on a similar project to yours in the past, they will likely already have come up with solutions to these problems.

Look for Creativity. Having a designer with the creativity to come up with unique and inventive solutions can be very beneficial, and add that extra special touch to your home design.

Find a Designer You Click With. You want your designer and yourself to be a cohesive team. Since you'll get the most satisfying results by working closely with your designer during your home remodel, it's important to find one whose personality is a good match to yours.

A whole house remodel can be a very intimidating prospect, but if you dive in, things will begin falling into place naturally. Start thinking and start planning, and soon you'll be ready, with the help of an experienced designer, to make your dream home design a reality.

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